Chat #2
Here is the transcript of the second chat Matthew had with us. He is matthew_west, and the
admin is mwest_isquad (Jake). This chat occurred on July 28th at 10:30 AM CST. I have
deleted the bots because they are repetitive and don't really say much. The screen names
will be blue, except for Matt's. which will be red, and Jake's, which will be green.

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Pikados says to (2005-7-28 8:54:34):
Hey Matthew! Thanks for doing another chat with us! was wondering if you could tell us anything about the History 101 tour yet. I saw a Seattle concert on iTickets... Any chance you can give me a date to mark on my calendar for an Oregon stop? Or a location to beg my mom to drive to? :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:55:15):
Matthew is responding to Pikados
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:55:29):
We will be in Oregon!!! I don't know the specific date, but I'm thinking September. check the tour updates-
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:55:34):
Next question please
lisakiznox says to (2005-7-28 8:55:41):
I loved your first album so much I couldn't wait for the 2nd. I was surprised with the difference in them. Were you going for a more mellow sound with the new one?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:55:48):
Matthew is responding to LisaKiznox
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:56:42):
not totally a mellow sound. I was just going with the flow. I think in some ways History is more rockin' than Happy, and in some ways it's more mellow. In other words it goes to greater extremes. does that make sense???
pianoman_jd says to (2005-7-28 8:56:50):
Hey Matthew! Your lyrics are incredible. You have such a fresh perspective on everything. Is there anyone you look up to or who has helped you hone your writing skills?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:57:24):
Matthew is responding to Pianoman
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:57:59):
I have learned from so many awesome writers, but yes there are a few that I really look up to. Here are some names of what I consider to be great writers: James Taylor, Steven Curtis Chapman, Rob Thomas, Tracy Chapman, Billy Joel, to name a few...
Kylie says to (2005-7-28 8:58:7):
matt, i was wondering if maybe if u had a couple minutes sometime if you wouldn't mind doing a short interview for my matthew west fansite?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:58:19):
Matthew is responding to Kylie
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:58:29):
love to do interviews for you guys, just send them to Jake, and I'll do it as soon as i can.
lisakiznox says to (2005-7-28 8:58:33):
Yes makes sense. You are one of my favorite artists and I wish blessings and longevity to you.
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:58:39):
Send to:
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:58:46):
very cool. thanks. The westies are so great
Kylie says to (2005-7-28 8:58:54):
awesome thanxs matt
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 8:59:12):
this one is definitely less crazy than the last!!
Lauren says to (2005-7-28 8:59:15):
heyyy matt!!! i just wanted to say hey..i emailed u..but i dont know if u got it or not!! but im the girl from HPCA..and winterjam!! and i got the rascal flatts CD...and saw that u had written The Day Before You..and i was amazed!! that's soo cool..and then i knew it was u when history came out and it was on there!! but that's all i wanted to say..and im hopin that u come to NC sometime soon :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 8:59:25):
Matthew is responding to lauren
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:0:14):
thanks for writing! I did write the Day Before You, and Rascal Flatts recorded it on their CD. Many of you know that I also write songs for other artists. That
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:0:29):
That's still something I do, even though I make my own music
lisakiznox says to (2005-7-28 9:0:33):
Do you have any plans of touring in Texas? If so, when?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:0:47):
Matthew is responding to Lisalznox
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:1:8):
I love Texas! One of my fav restaurants is called Papasito's! I'll be in Texas before too long, maybe late this fall, or next spring
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:1:19):
I was wondering if you are going to come to Indiana on your tour again. I saw you in Evansville last year, it was awesome.
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:1:30):
Matthew is resonding to Cool Dude
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:2:17):
I think I'll be doing a taping in August in South Bend, IN. It's called Studio B. Not sure if it's open to the public though. maybe you can come to the taping
cw1974 says to (2005-7-28 9:2:17):
When you get to heaven Matthew what would you say to God?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:2:28):
matthew is responding to CW19974
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:3:14):
Good Question. I imagine that I'll be maybe for the first time, speechless. I spend most my life trying to find the perfect words to put in songs, and when I get to Heaven, maybe I won't even need to try to put into words what I see
kentuckyrose says to (2005-7-28 9:3:18):
Do you ever plan on coming to Massachusetts at any time?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:3:27):
Matthew is responding to KentuckyRose
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:3:53):
You know what's Crazy? I've been to Mass a bunch of times, playing under the radar, colleges like Holy Cross- like 12 people came...
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:4:18):
Maybe if I come back again now that I'm on the radio, more people will come??? will you bring your friends?
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:4:24):
hey matt... i love your music.. when are u coming to colorado again and how did u come up with the words to light of eterinty and on happy on curtian who is singing more at the end
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:4:36):
Matthew is responding to Flipside07
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:5:10):
The History 101 tour is coming to Colorado in the fall. I think Colorado Springs, and Ft. Collins.
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:6:24):
The Light of Eternity was inspired by a magazine article I read in one of those airline magazines. It was talking about this place, some island, where everybody moves at a slower place. They said something like, "round here we everything we do in the light of eternity, "that spoke to me
cw1974 says to (2005-7-28 9:6:27):
Matthew thought you might like to know I got an A on the questionaire i did. Thank you so much
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:6:37):
matthew is responding CW1974
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:6:57):
sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet. I never got A's in school. So, since I helped you, can I say that I got an A too?
singasong1228 says to (2005-7-28 9:7:3):
Hey Matthew I love your song on JR's total axcess about the 12 listeners, good times!When are you comming to Michigan again???
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:7:13):
matthew is responding to singasong1228
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:7:27):
The Total Axxess Song, was a crazy moment of inspiration!!! I'm such a dork...
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:7:43):
Maybe we'll put it on the website for you guys to listen to...
c813442 says to (2005-7-28 9:7:53):
when are you coming to TN Mr. West
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:8:4):
Matthew is responding to c813442
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:8:54):
WEll I'm in TN right now, but for a show? We just did a big show in Franklin for WAY FM. but maybe we'll be back with the HISTORY 101 tour!!! By the way I'm so excited to be headlining our first tour! Let your churches know we're offering group discounts on tix
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:9:22):
So many singers today make it big and then seem to get big headed about by far do not seem like one of those do you do it?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:9:32):
Matthew is responding to aleesaribbens
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:10:18):
I don't think my family would let me get a big head!!! My parents have always reminded me that Humility speaks louder than pride. I always try to remember the days when nobody had a clue who I was. that reminds me that as long as God knows my name, that's all I need
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:10:26):
Hey Matthew! I absolutely love 'Out of Time', because so many moments I find myself afraid to jump...afraid to take that step forward, and I'm not quite sure if it's because I lack trust, or if it's a fear that the other side really won't be better. Before you started touring and making all these albums, were you ever afraid to jump? What did you do about it?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:10:34):
matthew is responding to MWgirl
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:11:56):
Faith is all about JUMPING. into the unknown. Sometimes, I get scared, but I know that God has a plan in all of this. That's what "history" is all about. having faith to believe that God has a huge plan for all of us
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:12:3):
are u coming to estes park for summer in the rockies
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:12:17):
Matthew is responding to flipside07
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:12:24):
yes, I'll be playing. and my band will be with me. I think our show is Friday night!!!
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:12:40):
matthew are u and your wife going to have kids
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:12:52):
Matthew is responding to flipside07
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:13:11):
funny you should mention that... We are expecting one right now!!! I mean we're due in January. A little westy running around, crazy
c813442 says to (2005-7-28 9:13:18):
Hey matt just to let you know I still like HAPPY and you rock, and yes last years winterjam Tupelo MS rocked the house!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:13:41):
Matthew is responding to C813442
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:14:8):
thanks, Winter Jam was sweet. and here's a tip. In DEC, I'll be on the road for a select number of shows with another artist who wsa on Winter Jam... Can't quite say who, but it's going to be sweet
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:14:16):
how is earl the dog
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:14:30):
Matthew is responding to flipside07
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:14:41):
Earl keeps getting fatter. She's 4 pounds overweight. she eats everything
cuddlymom says to (2005-7-28 9:14:46):
Have you ever been on a mission trip outside the US? How do you feel about going with a team to a country that doesn't know about Christian music?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:15:3):
Matthew is responding to CuddlyMom
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:15:52):
Yes, I've been on a missions trip before. I went with a group from Arkansas, college students to Scotland! We had an amazing time, and I got to share through the music with people who had never heard of Christian music. It was amazing
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:15:57):
You are a Christian artist but like does your job ever get so frustrating or tiome consuming that you just don't seem to have God on the top of your priorities?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:16:26):
Matthew is responding to aleesaribbeans
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:17:3):
good ? I think no matter what job we do, it's always a challenge to keep our priorities in check. So, yes it's a struggle for me to wake up, and remember that nothing I do matters, unless I'm spending time with the One who gives me life
lisakiznox says to (2005-7-28 9:17:18):
Try PF Chang's restaurant if you go back to Dallas. It's great food.
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:17:26):
I dig me some PF Changs too
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:17:29):
Matthew is responding to lisakiznox
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:17:40):
Have you seen Napoleon Dynamite or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? What's your all time favorite movie?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:17:48):
Matthew is responding to Cool Dude
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:18:16):
my older bro is not a christian how should i share the love of christ with him but i am also sacred to do that any ideas
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:18:28):
Matthew is responding to flipside07
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:18:28):
I have seen Napoleon, it's sweet. Haven't seen the new Chocolate Factory, but it's on my list. I love Dumb and Dumber, and Rocky, and Jaws scary...
lisakiznox says to (2005-7-28 9:18:53):
I'm out. God Bless
singasong1228 says to (2005-7-28 9:19:37):
Hey Matthew I got to go but I Just wanted to say congratulations on the baby! :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:19:58):
Matthew is responding to singasong1228
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:20:2):
I think a lot of times we make more of a difference in the world around us, just by being real. real with our lives, our joy and pain, and real with our Faith!!! love your brother, reach out to him, and pray for God to give you the right words to say when an opportunity comes
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:20:36):
how did you become a christian?
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:20:38):
see the song "Next Thing You Know" it actually tells the whole story!!!
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:20:44):
How did you propose to Emily?
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:20:48):
How did you propose to Emily?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:20:54):
Matthew is responding to MWgirl
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:21:57):
Like a big Dork!!! I was not cool. but she still said yes
c813442 says to (2005-7-28 9:21:57):
any chance of a Corinth MS tour
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:21:57):
I know I'm coming to Clinton, MS. With Hawk Nelson...
flipside07 says to (2005-7-28 9:22:8):
well got to go to the dentist to get wisdom theeth pulled see you all later congrats on baby matt see in estes park
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:22:27):
ouch, hope you feel better soon. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled. not good times
MW Junkie says to (2005-7-28 9:22:30):
What cds do you have in your cd collection? Some of your favs?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:22:39):
Matthew is responding to MW Junkie
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:23:10):
I'm a CD freak!!! I have all the new ones all the time. Lately I'm chillin to jar's new one. God will Lift up your head is sweet
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:23:17):
I love fried Chicken and pizza and junk food, what's your favorite food.
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:23:24):
Matthew is responding to Cool Dude
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:23:26):
I dig BBQ
c813442 says to (2005-7-28 9:23:34):
I got to go too but I want to say God Bless and have a great day!!!!!!!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:23:41):
Matthew is responding to c812442
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:23:42):
thanks for talking to me!!!
MWRockin' says to (2005-7-28 9:23:46):
ey!!!! When you did the Brown Bag Concert in franklin, Tn with WayFM, My mom and dad doged you about what you said about Journey on Totall Axxes. Just wanted to say i tried to talk them out of it and it WAS NOT my idea... Sorry!!! And me and my family are praying for you and your new 3some family!!! Keep up the Good work with Christ by your side
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:24:18):
tell your family I love JOURNEY!!! thanks for your support and prayers!
Kylie says to (2005-7-28 9:24:23):
MAtt u should come to my house than my mom makes KILLER BBQ since we live in KCMO
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:24:30):
Matthew is responding to KYLIE
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:25:29):
So, our radio station (105.3 The Fish) is giving away History CDs all week, and whoever wins the drawing gets to spend a whole day with you touring Chicago! (ha THAT's a cool prize) you like doing stuff like that?
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:25:31):
Thanks for the invitation. I'll just show up one day and have some BBQ
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:25:31):
So, our radio station (105.3 The Fish) is giving away History CDs all week, and whoever wins the drawing gets to spend a whole day with you touring Chicago! (ha THAT's a cool prize) you like doing stuff like that?
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:25:41):
Hey Matthew. I recently found a copy of Every Step Of The Way on ebay, and bought it... It's terrific!!!!! I think I might like it even more than Happy! I was wondering if you might re-release it, or at least re-record some of the songs, so the other Westies can hear it. I think it'd get a great responce! I was also wondering what the story behind A Little Extra Time is. THat song is SO great! Possibly my favorite!
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:26:13):
I love doing that kind of stuff. We're going to take the winners to my home town, and show them around. Maybe get ice cream at my fav spot!! It's awesome to connect with people beyond just the radio
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:26:16):
Matthew is responding to both MWgirl and Pikados - please hold questions until he answers these
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:26:30):
On Total Access your mom told a pool story but you said it wasn't the one you were thinking about, what is the story you were thinking about?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:27:0):
Matthew is responding to Cool Dude
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:27:3):
I can't remember. But that pool story was a good one. I forgot my swim suit!!! Babies are crazy like that
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:27:50):
Please hold questions, Matthew is responding to Pikados question above.
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:28:19):
Well, that's funny that you found that CD. I did that CD while I was still in College, and sort of stopped selling it when I signed my record deal. I suppose maybe we could get some out to the westies. Maybe make them available on the merch store!
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:29:9):
"A little Extra Time" was written for one of my friends in college. She was struggling with an eatiing disorder, and I wanted to tell her that she's beautiful in God's eyes.
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:29:15):
I live in Indiana near Holiday World, i'ts my favorite theme park. Ever been? What's your fav theme park?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:29:27):
Matthew is responding to Cool Dude
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:30:4):
no, never. But I just got back from Disney World. You can check the website for some crazy pics of me at Disney. they're up right now
MW Junkie says to (2005-7-28 9:30:24):
How many indie cds have you done?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:30:31):
Matthew is responding to MW Junkie
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:30:52):
I've done 3 officially, but only "Sellout" is still really available
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:30:52):
do you have any weird fan encounters?
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:30:55):
does this chat count... just kidding
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:31:2):
Matthew made a joke
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:31:4):
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:31:20):
most of the fans are pretty normal, and awesome!
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:31:57):
We're normal? THat's news to me... :p
MWRockin' says to (2005-7-28 9:32:11):
yeah we rock!!!
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:32:11):
well, normal might be a bit of a stretch...
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:32:11):
Does it bother you (or Emily, for that matter) to have you on the road so much with all of these crazy fans wanting to meet you?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:32:29):
Matthew is responding to MWgirl
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:32:42):
No, we both love meeting everybody. If I only got to sing, and never meet who I'm singing for, then I would be bummed out!!!
Kylie says to (2005-7-28 9:33:33):
wat's the weirdest thing a fan's ever given you?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:33:44):
Matthew is responding to Kylie
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:33:47):
nothing really weird, but one time some fans brought my friend Mark Shultz a big bag of socks!
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:34:6):
Does it bother you that we often reffer to you as "Matt" on the boards? Would you preffer to be know as Matthew? I think we can handle a few more letters, if you'd prefer that. :)
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:34:31):
my friends can call me Matt! I don't mind.
dwilfong says to (2005-7-28 9:34:38):
I just want to say that I recently discovered your music and love it! Keep up the good work, and God Bless!!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:34:47):
Matthew is responding to dwilfong
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:34:52):
thanks, that's great to hear. glad you dig the music.
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:35:10):
So....any word on when the 'I'm a Westie' t-shirts will be available? (btw - by any chance, was Earl the Girl online last night around 4 in the morning?) :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:35:28):
Matthew is responding to MWGirl
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:35:44):
Yes Kirsta, but you can ask one if you want.
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:35:47):
WE may have a special shirt for the Westies, you'll have to wait and see. And no, my dog Earl was not online... She is smart, but not that smart
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:35:51):
the bio on your site is pretty you ever find yourself talking to yourself? :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:36:3):
Matthew is responding to aleesaribbens
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:36:8):
maybe. I did for that interview with myself...
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:36:8):
THen the mystery continues... WHo was impersonating Earl at 4 AM?????
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:36:34):
Matthew is responding to Pikados
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:36:48):
Well, unless Earl snuck out of her bed, and used my computer...
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:36:54):
i like root beer. what is your favorite drink?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:37:4):
matthew is responding to Cool Dude
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:37:7):
cw1974 says to (2005-7-28 9:37:11):
it was matthew
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:37:20):
Matthew is responding to cw1974
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:37:21):
no it wasn't me. I was sleeping.
Kylie says to (2005-7-28 9:37:32):
matt, what's your favorite kind of cookies?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:37:43):
Matthew is responding to Kylie
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:37:50):
I love Choc. chip
Kirsta says to (2005-7-28 9:37:53):
I am looking for a book to read, in the bible or just a reg. book any ones that you love?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:38:7):
matthew is responding to Kirsta
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:38:15):
There's a book called In The Grip of Grace by Max Lucado, that's pretty awesome
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:38:22):
Who picks out your clothes? (Love the 'Music Maker' t-shirt!) My mom thinks you wear the cutest outfits.......
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:38:29):
Matthew is responding to MWgirl
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:39:0):
Is "THe Day Before You" on CD? I found it online (and it's playing on my computer right now!), but I can't seem to find it anywhere else
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:39:30):
Matthew is responding to Pikados
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:39:48):
Emily picks out most of my clothes. She's a wardrobe stylist. She gets hired by people like Jump 5, Avalon, and a bunch others
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:39:49):
IT's song #5 on History
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:39:35):
And I jsut realized I messed up my question. Woohoo. Let's try that again
Cool dude says to (2005-7-28 9:39:49):
whats your favoritie sport?
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:39:50):
I'm a baseball fan
Pikados says to (2005-7-28 11:39:38):
Sorry about that. I meant "They Danced Alone"
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:40:6):
Oh, that one, no it's not on any CD. you like it?
Pikados says (2005-7-28 9:40:19):
Yeah! I love it! My mom likes it too :)
MWgirl says to (2005-7-28 9:40:19):
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:40:32):
Matthew is responding to Pikados
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:40:44):
some of that stuff, is always going to be kind of underground. hard to find...
Kirsta says to (2005-7-28 9:40:48):
I just wanted to say as well is thank you for the little noe you gave to my brother when you were here in AZ in may. Sorry I was not there. I cant wait to see you here 9/24 You music has hit me lately like a ton of books with everything thats going on just wanted to say thanks and remember the girl with the funny name and dad
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:41:6):
Matthew is responding to Kirsta
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:41:28):
thanks for writing. You're awesome, and I'm excited to see you guys again in AZ
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:41:33):
how much longer is this chat going to last?
aleesaribbens says to (2005-7-28 9:41:39):
how much longer is this chat going to last?
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:41:59):
Actually, I've got to get going. I"m flying out to CA, in a bit to play at Spirit West Coast
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:42:12):
Please hold all questions
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:42:22):
Matthew would like to write a goodbye message
mwest_isquad says to (2005-7-28 9:42:29):
Please hold questions and comments
matthew_west says to (2005-7-28 9:43:2):
Hope I answered everyones ?'s. Thanks for being so awesome. I always look forward to chatting with you guys, and we'll set up another one soon! Thanks to Jake for all his work. rock on everyone-mw

*** (2005-7-28 9:43:14):matthew_west quit the room

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