Chat #1
Here is the transcript of the second chat Matthew had with us. He is matthew_west, and the
admin is mwest_isquad (Jake). This chat occurred on June 22nd at 2:22 PM CST. I have
deleted the bots because they are repetitive and don't really say much. The screen names
will be blue, except for Matt's. which will be red, and Jake's, which will be green.

mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:26:17):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:26:17):
Hello Everyone!
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 12:26:17):
patrick says to (2005-6-22 12:26:17):
arbor place mall
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:26:17):
I'm doing great! Had a good show in Georgia last night!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:26:56):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:27:0):
It was at the arbor place Mall! good times at the food court
JenniferLLowe says to (2005-6-22 12:27:42):
Matthew the song Youn know hwere to find me brought me through a very difficcult time Thank you for letting God work in your life so He can work in ours when we listen to your songs!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:27:58):
I love going to Maine, it's beautiful! I love me some lobster. IN fact maybe I'll go to Maine right now...
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:29:6):
good ? I would bring my bible, my guitar, and a cell phone so I could call for rescue!!!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:29:20):
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:29:29):
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:29:38):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:31:1):
The "squiggly line" cover is kind of funny right? I thought it was. It's kind of meant to be like the timeline of our livew. History past, and future, and the squiggly ball represents whatever mess we may be in right now! God wants to make History with all of it!
ashgirl192001 says to (2005-6-22 12:31:13):
Matthew, what your favorite song that you have ever recorded?
carissa101 says to (2005-6-22 12:31:33):
hey matt whats your fav cereal?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:32:0):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:32:11):
Well, I would say "MORE." I mean it's been so awesome to sing that song around the country, and have the crowd these days sing it back to me. never gets old. But I'm excited about the "history" songs too...
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 12:32:14):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:32:24):
sorry I'm a slow typer...
patrick says to (2005-6-22 12:32:55):
hew matt, how do u pick the titles of ur cds, they are all start with an 'H'?
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 12:33:21):
Matthew, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to do this for your biggest fans!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:34:23):
I'm stuck in an H rut. just kidding. I read this article that said "Matthew West Makes History." It was talking about my song "more." And at the time I didn't feel like much of a History Maker. But God used it to remind me that He wants us to be history makers with an eternal value, not just to write a hit song or be successful or famous in this life. so there you go
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 12:34:44):
hey matt when is the happy happy joy joy tour? (dove awards 2005)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:34:45):
my favorite cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats. so good
Abens22 says to (2005-6-22 12:35:10):
Matthew, What is you favorite book and y?
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 12:35:26):
Matt - Congratulations to you and Emily! (we were all so excited to hear that you're going to be a Daddy!) Have you and her looked at any names, yet? Is your family excited?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:36:2):
No happpy Happy JOY tour happening yet. Joy Williams and I talked about touring together ever since we wrote her song "Hide" together. Doesn't she sing it great? It just went #1!!! But no tour together yet.
Abens22 says to (2005-6-22 12:36:54):
Matthew, What is you favorite book and why?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:37:16):
My favorite book? Cat in the Hat... Just kidding. I love "A Prayer for Owen Meany." I also love "In the Grip of Grace" by Max Lucado."
Pikados says (2005-6-22 12:37:2):
Hey Matthew. Where did you get Earl? And why's you choose to name her Earl? And ehy did you get a pug? And why am I stuck on asking questions about Earl? :p
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:38:35):
I bought this puppy, a black Pug, you can see her picture on the website. She just looks like an Earl... Even though she's a girl. You think she'll have issues? She wears a pink collar so she know's she's a lady...
patrick says to AmJo (2005-6-22 12:38:44):
hey matt, who are some of your inspirations in music/writing music(other artists)?
CrazyGodGirl says to (2005-6-22 12:38:57):
I didn't really have a question, but I just wanted to let you know that last year I went through a really tough time, and I listened to 'More' and 'Happy' the whole time... it really helped me get past it. And with that I say a heart felt thank you!!!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:40:4):
thanks for sharing that with me! I am so glad that songs that were inspired by some of my difficult times can turn around and encourage others who are going through their own difficult days. God bless you
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 12:40:18):
Matt, if you could do something other than worship God through music...what else would you do?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:40:26):
I would play baseball, duh... that would be sweet
cvgsusfreak08 says to (2005-6-22 12:40:43):
Hey Matthew, who is your favorate Artist or Band?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:41:20):
I love Toby Mac. he's the real deal! We did a show together in Missouri a couple weeks ago, and had a blast. He's really been an encouragement to me
Heather says to (2005-6-22 12:41:50):
What is your favorite color of converse shoes?
Heather says to (2005-6-22 12:41:53):
What is your favorite color of converse shoes?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:41:59):
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 12:42:12):
Kari says to (2005-6-22 12:42:15):
Quick Question: Superman, Spiderman, or Batman?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:42:29):
when I was a Kid, I had a Superman Cape. Ok I still have it...
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 12:42:34):
do you plan on goiin on the winterjam tour agaiin?
Booter Girl 22 says to (2005-6-22 12:42:36):
What is your favorite Bible verse?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:42:59):
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me! Phil 4:13
Kylie says to (2005-6-22 12:43:5):
what's your favorite movie
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:43:37):
This is dorky but I love "Dumb and Dumber" and Rocky 1-5
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:43:48):
MW Junkie says to brittrock12 (2005-6-22 12:44:7):
Do you have any plans for making a DVD?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:44:43):
one of these days I'll make a DVD. I had an idea for a DVD called "History in the Making" That would let everyone see how we made the record. what do you think?
Booter Girl 22 says to (2005-6-22 12:44:49):
Weren't you born in IL
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 12:45:9):
hey you know that kid who sings on your Happy album? who is that? (very talented by the way!)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:45:12):
yes I was born in the beautiful state of IL. Go Cubbies.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:45:56):
So many people ask me who that is. He's the little boy who inspired the song. His name is Jace, and he rocks. His dad is the one who designed the happy CD, and the squiggly line HIstory CD!
Lane says to (2005-6-22 12:46:35):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:47:2):
Well, I always wanted to go to Italy, and then last month I got to go. Check the website soon, and you'll be able to take a History tour with me to some cool places
JoshJLowe says to (2005-6-22 12:47:9):
Quick question: Macaroni&cheese,Pizza,or Spaghetti?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:47:24):
Stryper? not lately
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:48:10):
yeah, my guitar player looks like the opera Singer Josh Groban. So, I always joke around about it. If you see him, just say Hey Josh...
patrick says to (2005-6-22 12:48:12):
hey, who is the guy that you introduced as josh groban last nite at the mall
Kylie says to (2005-6-22 12:48:27):
what kind a car do you drive now?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:48:57):
I drive an SUV. Ford Expedition. It costs a ton to put gas in it. I miss my honda Civic...
cw1974 says to (2005-6-22 12:49:5):
matt would you be willing to do a questionaire for a fan for there school paper, so they could pass, if so how would we get the questions to you
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:49:33):
absolutely, email the questions, and I'll answer them. stay in school people...
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:50:2):
pizza, forget about it
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 12:50:18):
Where did u get the idea to sing in God's perspective?(ex:-More)
ashgirl192001 says to (2005-6-22 12:50:21):
matt did you go to college?
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 12:50:31):
before you were coming some people were saying you wrote a song for Rascal Flatts is that true?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:50:53):
Yeah, I wrote a song called "the Day Before You" and Rascal Flatts recorded it. I did a non-country version on my record. check it
patrick says to (2005-6-22 12:51:39):
sot hey stole your song?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:51:56):
I gave it to them. they borrowed it
real_normal_kid says to Abens22 (2005-6-22 12:52:1):
What do you do to get ready before a concert?
cissiep963 says to (2005-6-22 12:52:47):
How old were you when you started playing guitar?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:52:47):
I have this vocal warm up CD, that I put on my ipod, and I always warm up my voice. it makes me make all these weird noises, so if you were backstage you'd hear this crazy sound, and that would be me...
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:53:4):
I didn't start till I went to college. 19
kramergirl5150 says to Abens22 (2005-6-22 12:53:32):
I was surprised to see you'd co written "Savior song" recorded by Rachael Lampa. How much involvement did you have in the writing of that song?
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 12:53:42):
What color is your ipod?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:53:52):
I only wrote all the good parts... just kidding. Had the chance to write lyrics and melody
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:54:6):
ipod, white, classic-
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 12:54:22):
Think you'll ever do a song with Jeremy Camp? That'd make my year. [not day..but year..] :)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:54:50):
Not sure, I really like Jeremy. Got to meet him at the Dove awards. Maybe one of these days.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:55:18):
I dig the CheeseCake Factory. so good
Booter Girl 22 says to (2005-6-22 12:55:20):
What's your favorite resturaunt?
Abens22 says to (2005-6-22 12:55:47):
what is your All-Time Favorate song?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:56:36):
I have so many favorite songs. one for every occasion. for example my favorite summer time-driving with the windows down song is that old song "American Pie." classic. the list goes on from there....
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 12:56:45):
Matt, were you in a Royal Rangers program at your church?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:56:54):
Yes, until I got kicked out. long story
Brian says to (2005-6-22 12:57:35):
What is your favorite tv show? Do you watch American Idol?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:58:1):
I have watched American Idol some. I don't get to watch too much tv. I really dig Sportcenter...
patrick says to (2005-6-22 12:58:18):
u ever seen nashville star?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:58:30):
Nashville Star is funny. My wife actually is the clothing stylist for the winner of that one.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:59:18):
my cell phone bill is always a mile long, because I'm on the phone talking to family and friends as much as possible. that cures the homesick for a bit
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 12:59:26):
How many Indie albums did you make?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 12:59:46):
I made 3. Only 1 is really able to be found. I burned the others...
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:0:4):
that one is called "Sellout" you can find it on the website
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 13:0:17):
Whats your favorite color?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:0:24):
Gray, and Blue can I have 2?
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:0:54):
I know how much you love ice cream....what's your favorite flavor?
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:0:21):
Any chance of a re-release or re-mixing of any of the "older" songs?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:1:6):
We may re-release the indie album, Sellout. It's a piece of my "HISTORY"- what do you think? cool idea?
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 13:1:26):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:1:31):
favorite ice cream. mint chocolate chip. it always tastes cooler than the other flav's
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 13:2:12):
I was told to ask from someone else, what do you think about when you write your songs?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:2:47):
I try to stay in the moment of whatever is inspiring me. Also, I think about the melody and how it fits with the lyrics that I'm writing. that's important to make it all flow the right way
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:2:50):
My baby sister absolutely adores your music. She just turned 4. We wore our hommade "Happy " t-shirts to buy history yesterday. She was quite excited. I just wanted to tell you you've had quite an impact on my little sister and I'm so greatful
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:3:19):
that's awesome. you rock! I've seen some cool custom made Happy shirts. sweet
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 13:3:34):
my little sister (6 yrs. old, loves you) insisted i say hi from her to you , so there
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:3:34):
we just had a "happy party" saturday
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:3:43):
why wasn't I invited?
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:3:59):
How'd you get started in the music industry?
Kary says to (2005-6-22 13:4:25):
Posters are the best. i have the poster that you signed for me hanging over my bed...Would you sing at my birthday party? lol
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:4:29):
long story. I was discovered first as a songwriter. so, that's why I've written song for all these other artists. that was my start.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:4:37):
only if there's ice cream
Kylie says to (2005-6-22 13:5:4):
Matt, I'm in the middle of my 3 happy History Party to try to win the autp graphe guitar???
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:5:10):
very cool. good luck winning the guitar
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:5:21):
wat kind of guitar do u use
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:5:23):
Yay! Plugs for the guitar contest! :p
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:5:50):
I play Taylor guitars, and an epiphone Sheraton electric. i dig it
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:6:4):
orange soda is good. not my fav, but good
Lane says to (2005-6-22 13:6:13):
We love you in Chattanooga hope you will be back soon. I enjoyed meeting you at winterjam.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:6:55):
I love Chatanooga!!! See you again soon. Actually I'll be headlining my first tour this fall called the HIstory 101 tour. Hopefully we'll come to a city near you
BossBull123 says to (2005-6-22 13:7:12):
I would buy your new album but I'm unemployed at the moment. Can you hook a brother up with a free CD?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:8:22):
Sorry your unemployed, History will be ready for you when you are ready for it!
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 13:8:38):
When will the tour start?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:8:54):
This fall. Sept 15th. It's with Shawn Mcdonald and Monk and Neagle
jkland says to (2005-6-22 13:9:1):
How do you decide what cities to go to for Tours?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:9:42):
We usually pick the cities by what kind of responses we've gotten from the people, and the radio stations. and there are so many awesome places to sing, I wish I could go everywhere!
real_normal_kid says to Abens22 (2005-6-22 13:9:59):
You are going to be on 88.3 tomorrow right? If so what time are you going to be on?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:10:16):
I'm going to be on Total Axxess tomorrow night, but not sure what time. Check it out! I'll be writing a song on the air! crazy
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 13:10:25):
would u play a show in my backyard?? :)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:10:34):
how big is your back yard, dude?
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 13:10:47):
what place havent you played in, but have always wanted to?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:11:17):
It would be cool to sing in Wrigley Field, the national Anthem
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:11:26):
I've unfortunately never been to a concert. Do you usually play guitar on stage? Or some other instrument?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:12:2):
I play the trumpet. just kidding. NO I play guitar, and sometimes the piano, and sometimes I just run around like crazy chicken
ashgirl172005 says to (2005-6-22 13:12:18):
how many kids do you have?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:13:2):
No kids yet, but are you ready for this? We're having a baby!!!! I haven't really told a lot of people yet, so you heard it first... We are expecting and due in January. Another little Westie!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:13:16):
Hello Karin
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:13:49):
What was your first job when you were a teenager?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:14:23):
I used to mow lawns in my home town during the summer. That was the worst job ever. actually it was kind of fun. we got in so much trouble
Kylie says to (2005-6-22 13:14:26):
Hey matt! do you remember Kylie/brainwashed from Kansas City, MO?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:18:6):
you can get a schedule on the brand new website at
jkland says to (2005-6-22 13:18:6):
Where did you go to college?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:18:6):
I went to a school called Millikin University in IL. and I actually graduated. whew.
c813442 says to (2005-6-22 13:18:6):
and yes you did sign my shirt in that Winterjam concert and if I remember correctly you said I was'
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:18:6):
Everybody wants their shirt signed, and their shoes, and their arms. crazy
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 13:18:19):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:18:39):
I had a feeling about that. I think the Westies need their own t-shirt. what do you think?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:19:33):
So, did anybody check out "HISTORY" yet? it cam out Yesterday. I was so excited to get it out to you guys-
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:20:7):
I'll check it out
love0god33 says to (2005-6-22 13:20:32):
i am listening to it right now
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:20:8):
I got mine in the mail Monday! Best CD ever!!!! It hasn't left my side since I got it. I can't bear to leave it home, even when I go to school... :p
love0god33 says to (2005-6-22 13:20:32):
Its awesome
incharmed says to (2005-6-22 13:20:38):
I love it so much!!! Every song is good in its own way!
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:20:42):
Of Course we u think were crazy!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:21:18):
Well, that's cool. thanks for getting it, all who pre-ordered should be getting any time now if you haven't already.
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:21:25):
My radio station will never hear the end of my requests. lol
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:21:54):
miine eiither
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:22:7):
my litle sis(the 4 year old) went crazy when she heard I was talkign to you......she wants to know if you like pasketti (spagetti)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:22:10):
hi 4 year old sis! I do like pasketi
c813442 says to (2005-6-22 13:22:41):
or 93.9 which ever you want to take
CrazyGodGirl says to (2005-6-22 13:22:41):
I thought of a question... okay, 2: Have you ever been there? Would you consider doing a tour in Europe?
CrazyGodGirl says to (2005-6-22 13:22:44):
*there being Germany
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:23:14):
that would be awesome! I love Europe. but these days I'm loving touring to see all of you in the states.
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 13:23:15):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:23:34):
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:23:35):
Do you ever have to pull all nighters? Writing material/concerts/etc..Do you ever have to drink energy drinks to stay up?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:24:37):
I've pulled my share of all-nighters. Sunday night we played for a youth conference in Kentucky, and then hopped on the bus and drove all night to Birmingham! I like Coffee better than energy drinks...
jesusbwep_07 says to (2005-6-22 13:24:46):
What did you plan on doing as a kid? Did u plan on being a singer?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:24:53):
baseball player.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:25:47):
no name yet for the baby! it's a surprise. How about Earl, just kidding
c813442 says to (2005-6-22 13:26:6):
when are you going to be back in North Mississippi
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:26:24):
As soon as I can. I'll see what I can do!
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:26:38):
or augusta ga?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:26:40):
I love Augusta too
Lane says to (2005-6-22 13:27:1):
Is it true that you are friends with Across the Sky?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:27:11):
Yes I know Across the Sky. They are great guys. Not sure if they are still together though. I've written with Ben
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:27:31):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:27:58):
Just found out I'll be in Mt. Prospect IL on Aug 13th. Check the site soon for more details-mw.
Kary says to (2005-6-22 13:28:12):
Las Vegas Baby! You Havent Been Here Since Last October. Myself And The Event PLanner Of One Of The Big Churches Are Working On Getting You Back here. Maybe For The History101 Tour :)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:28:27):
Las Vegas, Baby! that would be fun to do a show there, and then go to the buffett
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:28:47):
Becky(my lil sis) wants to know if you like larry-boy
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:28:58):
I'm a big fan of Larry Boy, and the whole Veggie Tales crew.
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 13:29:15):
is it all about the food?? jk.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:29:17):
food is good
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:30:0):
I used to love that band Hootie and the Blowfish. funny name
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 13:30:12):
Whoose your favorite VeggieTales character?
Generationyouth says to (2005-6-22 13:30:13):
Do you have any favorite musicals/plays? I particularly enjoy Once Upon A Mattress and Wicked
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:30:34):
I played Jesus in Godspell in Highschool. That would have to be my favorite musical. very moving
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:30:41):
dont know if this good, but wat type of church do u go to?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:31:3):
I go to a community church in Nashville. Last Sunday I sat behind Rebecca St. James. crazy
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:31:2):
Do you like golden retrievers? I think mine is mad at me for spending to much time on the computer.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:31:44):
funny, my puppy gets mad at me too. bites my toe
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:31:53):
Did you play any sports in highschool? guessing baseball...any others
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:32:8):
I played baseball, football, and basketball. look out
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:32:12):
Do you take Earl on the road with you?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:32:46):
Earl came on the bus once to Iowa, but it was not good. she's not quite pottie trained yet. no what I mean?
CrazyGodGirl says to (2005-6-22 13:33:16):
Star Wars or Lord of the Ring?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:33:22):
Tommy Boy
CrazyGodGirl says to (2005-6-22 13:34:9):
that wasn't an option... lol
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:34:13):
Star Wars
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:34:27):
Pepperoni or Supreme pizza?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:34:36):
Lane says to (2005-6-22 13:35:5):
Are you going to write book like toby mac?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:35:31):
I might write a book. i wrote a children's book for "MORE." that hasn't come out yet.
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:35:16):
Have you ever watched Coan O'Brien? I think you should be on Conan sometime. That would make my day... Week... Something like that
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:35:59):
That would fun to be on Conan. he's funny. that hair is awesome. no plans yet, but we'll definitely let you know if that happens!
ImaBIGfan says to (2005-6-22 13:36:4):
never learned how old you are.......
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:36:7):
I'm 12
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:36:17):
just kidding. 28
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:36:26):
Did you enjoy the crossover festival in missouri?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:36:29):
I mean 18
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:36:53):
Crossover Festival was awesome! That was the one with Toby Mac
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 13:37:3):
Can I be your merch manager for the History101 tour? lol :)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:37:39):
We'll put you to work! Careful what you wish for. You are always an awesome help at our shows. I remember you!
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 13:37:51):
UR NOT 18, Matt. Can I be the merch manager, too??? lol
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:37:59):
you're right, I'm 19
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:38:9):
Ever thought about expanding your merch. line?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:38:41):
funny you should ask. We've got all new stuff coming. History stuff, that is pretty sweet, and also an I LOVE YOU MORE shirt. cool?
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:38:42):
Has my beging cyberly and through Jacqueline helped? Is Oregon in the 101 tour schedule? Maybe something a little closer to Salem so I don't have to ask my mom to drive several hours (because she probably wont)?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:39:25):
not sure yet, but I think it might be. check the website for details
sunshinegirl25 says to (2005-6-22 13:39:34):
that's totally cool, the I LOVE YOU MORE shirt
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:39:36):
ii gotta happy shirt and ah classic case of dysfunction shirt
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:39:36):
ii gotta happy shirt and ah classic case of dysfunction shirt
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:39:39):
they're awesome-o
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:39:48):
well now you can get a History shirt!
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 13:40:4):
Any chance of PA?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:40:17):
Hopefully PA. We'll see
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:40:43):
they will be for sale on the online store at in the next day or so. check it
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:41:26):
Ever thought about selling autographed items? For those who can't get to shows?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:41:58):
you can win autographed items if you join the i squad and get enough points. we also might offer special stuff for the online store.
cissiep963 says to (2005-6-22 13:42:2):
When will the new website be up and running? Or is it already (haven't checked it today)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:42:12):
the new website is up right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sweet
cvgsusfreak08 says to (2005-6-22 13:42:24):
i have a flyer from festival con Dios '03 and it has your signature on it
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:42:28):
don't sell it on EBAY
ashgirl172005 says to (2005-6-22 13:42:38):
where is the strangest place somewhere asked you to sign?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:42:50):
some guy wanted me to sign his head! weird
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:43:2):
do you like being famous...or is it annoying.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:43:31):
I like getting to talk to all of you! this is the best part of what I do, getting to know my peeps
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 13:43:49):
did i miss anything?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:44:10):
Welcome to the chat. You missed sooooooo much. just kidding. better late than never
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 13:44:32):
is that your motto? lol
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:44:34):
matt, could i sende money to buy something from the online store, like check or something
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:44:52):
when you go to the online store, they'll take care of everything for you.
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 13:44:52):
Matt, if I made a website would you visit it? (even if only once??)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:45:1):
yes I'll visit it
cw1974 says to (2005-6-22 13:45:3):
Matthew, I created a site of my own for you would you like to join it
sunshinegirl25 says to (2005-6-22 13:45:20):
what is your favorite espresso drink?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:45:24):
I'll check it out, and Jake will post it on i squad.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:45:55):
I like a good Latte. But Italy had the best capuccino's. see a pic on the photo section of the new site
ashgirl172005 says to (2005-6-22 13:46:42):
matt, is there a song that you wished you had wrote?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:46:44):
I wish I wrote Happy Birthday... ha
real_normal_kid says to (2005-6-22 13:47:16):
So what are you looking foward to this year? (ex: books, movies, concerts, etc..)
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:48:7):
Well, I'm looking forward to being a DAD! crazy. I'm also looking forward to the fall tour. I'm looking forward to football season. and I'm excited about Christmas. I'm always looking forward to Christmas.
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 13:48:15):
Have you read the Chronicles of Narnia? Are you going to go see the movie when it comes out in December?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:48:39):
I have, and actually I've been writing songs for the soundtrack, we'll see if any of them make the CD
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:48:46):
Whats your favorite football team?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:48:51):
I'm a Titans fan
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:49:2):
congradulations on impending and Em are in my prayers
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:49:3):
congradulations on impending and Em are in my prayers
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:49:6):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:49:18):
the baby will be a Cubs fan
Emily says to (2005-6-22 13:49:31):
Does your wife ever come to your shows? I would like to meet her.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:50:7):
She comes to a lot of shows, but she doesn't like being on the stinky bus with the band for long periods of time...
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 13:50:41):
Whats your guess....boy or girl
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:50:47):
I'm guessing boy... we'll see
ga_dawgs11 says to (2005-6-22 13:51:27):
and IF iit iis ah giirl ;; yooh should name her jessica kyle
real_normal_kid says to Abens22 (2005-6-22 13:51:35):
Do you go to other singers concerts?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:52:40):
I love going to see concerts. I'm a music fan. here's something cool. I was doing a show in Birmingham AL, yesterday at Lifeway bookstore, and Casting Crowns walked through the door to surprise me! Crazy. So I started singing about them in my song "The End"
macmaxtait says to (2005-6-22 13:53:29):
**kinda random question** Was perfroming @ Icthus your first concert in the rain?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:53:34):
unfortunately, no. These shows in the summer are always outside, and you never know when it's going to pour. Icthus was a blast.
jenflyer says to Kylie (2005-6-22 13:54:6):
what's the best live show you've ever seen?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:54:13):
I went to DC Talk when I was kid, awesome
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:54:18):
Do you have something against rain? {tongue_smiley}
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:54:40):
no, I like the rain.
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:54:53):
If you had one day you could live over again what would it be?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:56:6):
Hmm, good question. I've had some good days. I would say I'd like to relive some of the days I had when I was a kid, and our family would go on vacation, and I spent time with my dad and I was just seeing the world for the first time. amazing memories I hope I never forget
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:56:25):
im watching 'take you back' video
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 13:56:33):
did u get braces
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:56:44):
never got braces. did I miss out
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 13:56:52):
Besides being an incredibly talented musician, how do you want people to remember you?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:57:40):
REAL, genuine, and made History in this world with an eternal Purpose. I hope that we can all make history in this world. You never know when God might be using you in somebody else's life.
Pikados says (2005-6-22 13:56:53):
Ever been to Japan?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:58:1):
never. I smell a world tour
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 13:58:16):
would you ever consider doing a short "writing seminar" for aspiring writers/musicians
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:58:52):
Every year I go to this place called Estes Park, CO. and do seminars out there for people who are beginning there music journey. for more info. contact
patrick says to (2005-6-22 13:59:9):
do u just have 1 person with u playing, or are there others that didnt play last nite?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 13:59:32):
I have a whole band that travels with me most of the time now. They are awesome. But sometimes I just do acoustic shows. that's fun too
cw1974 says to (2005-6-22 13:59:37):
What do you like best about the westies, and your website
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 14:0:25):
How long will the chat be going on??? Mom says I gotta get off....really don't want to though
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:0:27):
I love the Westies, You guys have been so supportive, and It's amazing to know that you're always out there helping get this music and message out to the rest of the world. We're making History together
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:0:45):
I think I've got a few more minutes, and then I have to go get my puppy
Lane says to (2005-6-22 14:1:1):
My older brother wants to know if you like paint ball?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:1:13):
Never played Paint Ball. I'll check into it
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 14:1:35):
Lol..tell Mike, Matt, Costa, and Alex that I say 'hi'! Those guys are awesome! (Oh, and tell Matt that I'm learning to play the drums! It's awesome!) Are the same guys going to be touring with you this fall for the History 101tour?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:2:0):
I'll tell them you said Hey. For the most part it will be the same band this fall. make sure you come see us
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 14:2:19):
well since no onecan see what im typing(cause none of my questions have been answered) i willjust type away. matthew i dont know if you are going to read thins but i want you to know that your music has been an insperation like no other to me. to here your testomny when your on stage. the song The End. and More are my faves. the end remindes me that no matter what life throws at your its not the end. and its going to be ok. see ya on saturday in oklahoma matt again thank you and God Bless,*Rachel :)
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 14:3:7):
Hang tight Rachel, we are working hard to get all those questions answered.
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:3:12):
Sorry we didn't get to your questions yet. don't be mad. be happy. I'll see you in Oklahoma. make sure you come and say hi
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 14:5:5):
i will try to if they dont cut the autograph line off to early. will you be walking around? if not do you mind if i ask you the questions then? i understand that there are alot of questions being asked and yeah its all graveyim not mad i am HAPPY!! and thank you for doing this chat matt!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:5:27):
I'll be around at the show, and love to take as much time as possible to meet everybody.
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 14:6:10):
Matt, do you plan on doing more chats in the future?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:6:30):
Yeah, this has been a blast. Should we do this every month? that would be cool.
Pikados says (2005-6-22 14:7:0):
Monthly would be great!!!!!!!
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 14:7:9):
Yes. How about every week or 2?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:7:40):
I'll do it as much as I can! Maybe twice a month. Jake will let you all know about the next time
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 14:8:6):
Your song 'Out of Time' really encouraged me the most..."So you're hungry for a taste of the other side where the grass is thick and green, but your feet are on familiar ground, frozen and afraid of all you might lack, but if that's all that's holding you back....come on step out of time, fall out of line, leave a mark they can't erase." So thanks :) :) :)
real_normal_kid says to (2005-6-22 14:8:26):
Awesome. It's great that you take the time to talk to your fans the way you do!
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 14:8:49):
Yeah..that line really rocks: "Leave a mark they can't erase."
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 14:8:53):
incharmed says to (2005-6-22 14:9:1):
Yeah! Thank you so much!!!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:9:6):
"Out of Time" is on "HISTORY" glad you like it. that's a song to encourage anybody who's afraid to take chances in their lives. God has a big plan for everyone, a plan to make a difference to make History. So, don't follow the crowd. step out of time
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:9:22):
your welcome. thank you guys for hanging around today to talk with me!
Pikados says (2005-6-22 14:9:19):
Last time you posted on the boards (well, not exactly last time... Time before last, I think) you said you'd check out our "Crazy Adventures of Matt and the Westies" story. Have you started reading that yet? :p
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:9:53):
I have started reading, and that should be made into a movie. I'll write the soundtrack...
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 14:9:57):
hey matt whats your favorite candy? who knows it might show up on sat :)
kramergirl5150 says to (2005-6-22 14:10:30):
When happy came out i was so excited to not find a single song I couldn't promote and I started realizing how much I needed the songs ong the album. I was going through a really rough time and was struggling with deppresion etc and the songs meant a lot to me. I was amazed to get History yestorday and find the songs once again......just where I am
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:10:34):
Well, I'm kind of on a diet... But if I was to cheat I'd probably eat A Reece's Cup!
cw1974 says to (2005-6-22 14:11:3):
that is my favorite candy too Matthew
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:11:55):
thanks for your words. so glad that History hit you where you are at. Hey, did you check out the inside of the packaging yet? there's a timeline of my life that runs through the bottom of every page. it's funny
patrick says to (2005-6-22 14:13:2):
well i was just wondering if this chatroom will be kept up here, because some chats are taken down after the band talks?
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:13:16):
"the Last Ones" is a song on History that I wrote about my friend Taylor who has Down Syndrome. the world looks at people like her as being different or not as capable of making history. But the Bible says the last will be the first, and the song say God Bless The Last Ones
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:13:34):
Jake will keep the chat room active so you can hang out here
real_normal_kid says to (2005-6-22 14:13:40):
You wrote your first song the day after you were born...How'd it go?
real_normal_kid says to (2005-6-22 14:13:43):
You wrote your first song the day after you were born...How'd it go?
CaitlinCoryell says to (2005-6-22 14:14:6):
O i get it now...thats really cool....and taylor is amazing!
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 14:14:8):
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:14:9):
well, that's actually a joke, it went like this. "Go Go Go, Ga GA GA."
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 14:14:37):
Please hold all messages
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 14:14:48):
I noticed that!!! I thought it was hilarious, the first thing I did when I got History was (practically) rip off the wrapper and throw into me mom's CD player! Then starte dtrying to learn the lyrics, lol!
matthew_west says to (2005-6-22 14:16:5):
hey everyone, I'm going to have to sign off for now. Just want to say a Huge Thank YOU for talking to me today, and more important, thanks for all your support with Happy, and now With HIstory. I hope you always remember. That God has a big plan for your life. Now, Go make History-MW
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 14:16:24):
thank you MAttt
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 14:16:27):
bye Matt!!
real_normal_kid says to (2005-6-22 14:16:29):
Bye Matthew! Nice talking to you!
MWgirl says to (2005-6-22 14:16:33):
Goodbye Matt! See ya later this year! (I'll be at the merch table)
patrick says to (2005-6-22 14:16:33):
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 14:16:36):
Thanks for taking the time to chat with us Matthew! I'v really appreciated it..and I know the rest of the westies have too!
AmJo says to (2005-6-22 14:16:36):
Bye :)
cw1974 says to (2005-6-22 14:16:41):
Matthew My birthday in in April too, way to cool, it is awesome i am3 and 20 days older than you
sunshinegirl25 says to (2005-6-22 14:16:48):
bye Matt! this has been awesome!
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 14:16:54):
Bye Matt...LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Girl4God says to (2005-6-22 14:16:56):
do you have a fan email?
matthewwestfan1 says to (2005-6-22 14:16:56):
Bye Matt...LOVE YOU!!!!!!
Pikados says (2005-6-22 14:17:1):
Bye Mathew! Thank you SO much for spending time with us!
MW Junkie says to (2005-6-22 14:17:5):
Can't wait for the next chat!
SaphireCat says to (2005-6-22 14:17:8):
I hope too see you August 27th!!!
Kary says to (2005-6-22 14:17:13):
Have a great day MW - God Bless You in everything you do come back to Vegas soOn! :) :) :)
Pikados says (2005-6-22 14:17:33):
I'll be wating for the next chat! And for you to come to Oregon!!!!
mwest_isquad says to (2005-6-22 14:20:53):
Everyone, thank you for participating in the chat with Matthew West.

*** (2005-6-22 14:21:12):matthew_west quit the room

Note: All times are in my time zone, PST. The times on my questions (Pikados') may be messed up.
Also, I did not have another chat to edit against. That means I don't know when my comments showed up, and indeed if some did at all. I did my best to guess from what the others were saying. I figure if there wasn't anyone to send me a copy to edit with, no one would have it to know if I did things wrong. ;)